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Welcome to the website of Don "D'Shey" MacCarthy, an artist and a freelance photographer. I lived in Europe for 15 years(Germany to be precise), lived in California for five years,and just relocated beginning of 07 to Las Vegas,Nevada.

I'm  very passionate about art in general.I see the world surrounded by so much beauty that, through my work I seek to invoke a challenge to the viewer to stop for a second and embrace all the unadulterated beauty that the Universe has bestowed upon us.

I cover portraits,head shots,model portofolios,glamour,commercial,nightlife, celebrity red carpets, and events.

If you want to commission me for any work or project,please contact me at 408-605-2579, or at the email address below. My rates are ridiculously reasonable.

"In terms of money,art is worth what one can sell it for;artistically it is worth whatever emotional content they communicate to others".

 All that said, please go ahead and enjoy this site, and do not forget to sign the quest book. All comments and positive criticisms gladly accepted.

For any feedback, contact D'Shey at All images have been compressed for the purposes of this site. Original images are at a higher quality and resolution.

If you like my work, tell others about it and keep coming back because the site will be updated on a regular basis. Thanks in advance.















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